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SOS - Accounting & Insurance is a company specialized in offering Insurance Auto, Home, and Commercial, Tax Preparation, Notarial, Accounting and Real Estate.


COMMITMENT We are aware of our duties and obligations, performing them with decision and effort to achieve and exceed our goals and objectives to the best of each one of us, so to partake in the dynamics of the company total.

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SOS Accounting & Insurance Services, focuses its efforts on customer satisfaction and wellness, optimize services and offering the best prices for our customers. Work to stay in the market, providing the appropriate and best insurance coverage, advising and preparing taxes for the good of the community, showing and guiding the best services in real estate and being fair and honest notarization services. Make way for the legal framework which governs our activities, policies and our economic and social commitment. Constantly seeking efficiency and effectiveness of enterprises through business management to improve and optimize the overall process of the company.



LOYALTY We are an integrated company, working with determination and perseverance in carrying out our ideas and obligations, keeping loyalty and affection to our customers.

RESPECT We admire and appreciate for who put the effort into a decent work, addressed to the benefit and satisfaction of our customers, our employees and our company.

RESPONSIBILITY To work to be better, answering for our actions and obligations, so the same in compliance with policies and standards set by the company creating more strength and unity to the company. generando mayor solidez y unidad a la empresa.

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SOS - Accounting & Insurance is defined as a company engaged primarily in the provision of advice and services in the community with high-efficiency and operational excellence in quality, with constant technological innovation and highly qualified personnel.


SOS - Accounting & Insurance will be in 2010, the reference in the market for insurance, accounting and tax preparation and notary public, giving them a service based on quality, efficiency and closeness, trying to achieve the satisfaction and pride of all its employees and customers.